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Sewing workshops back in person in 2022 for Adults and Children's classes - after being closed due to Covid-19. have successfully run some children’s sessions in the summer 2020/2021. My main aim is obviously to try and keep us all safe, rest assured I have been looking into all the Gov info thoroughly and have completed a course to gain more info re Covid-19 from The National Skills Academy for Health. I am trying my best to plan though guidance does change rapidly! Read somewhere current times is like building a plane as flying it!! Please discuss any of these points before the classes otherwise I will assume you/or your child is happy to attend classes and to follow the requirements set out within the Risk assessment - PLEASE CLICK PDF button for the full Risk Assessment at time of writing Ritschel Sewing Workshops updated info June 2021

Some of the key points implementing new procedures in the classes at the time of writing 28/08/2020 emphasizes sanitizing hands, maintaining distance, and promoting good general hygiene and if cannot keep distance you could wear a face covering. Bullet points below- 

  • Side gate propped open 15min (Currently 5 Min before to allow for extra cleaning) b4 class to avoid touching handles, as only up to 4 people please keep distance as enter or drop children and collect from the front mats on path 1m apart outside also markers in the room also showing 1 metre spacings. 

  • Will do a Temperature check (no higher than 37.8 B4 enter class).

  • As always only attend if well and particularly checking COVID checklist B4 attending workshop. Also don't attend if been with anyone with COVID symptoms, been traveling to an area on the Gov list, or required to isolate re Gov guidance. In these circumstances if possible the lesson could be taken on line, or possible kits,  or if you can offer your place to a friend. Refunds are generally not possible unless the class is cancelled by Ritschelsewingworkshops or imposed by the Government and would incur a £5 admin charge.  

  • Hand sanitizing on arrival (available throughout sessions).

  • Sanitizing equipment and rigorous cleaning by myself of the workshop B4 and after classes (anti bac wipes available during and lessons) and room will be well ventilated. I have a large umbrella and tables outside if weather permits.

  • Workspaces been rearranged to allow for 2metre distancing see map in PDF file and avoiding movement around the room - I have a tabletop ironing board and sleeve board and learners welcome to bring their own. Please let me know what restrictions you would like your child/yourself to try and keep to within the class.

  • Will keep groups small and trying not to mix bubbles - if adults cannot attend a class will be offering online slots rather than attending a different session.

  • It would be beneficial to bring own sewing equipment, if I can lend items I will sanitize (particularly for children's classes). Need to avoid shared items such as threads that cannot be cleaned - would be possible to purchase some items/notions if needed. If need thread I can provide £1.50 (thread and bobbin) if can let me know colour and have other notions/fabrics/ some kits which can be purchased in needed.

  • Box for own equipment under table to store items brought form home. 

  • I will try and teach at a distance and pass things back and forth, I can wear a face shield/mask when nearer than 2 metres, as due to the nature of my workshops and help required a distance is not always possible though aim to minimise face to face time. Will look at current info re face covering as guidance constantly changes! Happy to discuss individually/or & as a group.  I have shields here to wear if choose and can purchase own acetate punched sheets if choose (20p) if could bring your own and can wear on arrival and departure and if recommended when closer than 1-2 metres (I have some disposable ones £1).

  • Promote sneeze/catch/cough into tissue (binning) or use clothing & sanitizing hands.

  • Children's classes bring bottles of water - and adults may want to bring own drinks.

  • Ideally not to use the toilet but may access round house/front door - as keeping the workshop self-contained initially.

  • If we are in lockdown/ or any outbreaks due to track and trace would resume lessons either when we can or via online.

PLEASE CLICK the PDF file below for the full Risk Assessment at time of writing Ritschel Sewing Workshops updated info June 2021Hope I have thought of everything! Please contact if any queries.