Machine sewing courses for Children (age 8 and above)  (Updated Feb 2022) 

  • Children's classes - Saturday mornings 10-12The classes run alternate Saturdays - planned 1/2 termly - Cost £38 for 3X 10am -12 sessions. Waiting list for these currently please contact to be added to the list.

  • Children's holiday sessions 4 hours (often over 2 mornings 4hrs in total ) = £30. Dates to be planned for 2022 Looking at Easter and Summer 2022 ...                                                                                Please contact me if would like to be added to the list

  • I have also offered vouchers which have been given as presents for 1-1/1-2 lessons when children have had a new machine, or as a birthday/Christmas present to plan a course in the year.

  • Currently offering 1-1 or group online sessions - please contact if interested. I have some teenagers currently learning to sew, some 1-1 and some children in groups after school and Saturday morings.  Contact to discuss.

  • Available online holiday slots  - please contact to book also kits available. Great for children or adults activities and make brilliant gifts.     One to One Prices below for 1-1 tutition  (so if you have others in the group the cost can be divided - if you have other friends you wish to share the session with you can do a group online session - or let me know if individuals interested and I will see if I can plan a group slot so share costs). 

  • £25 - Hour

  • £15 - 1/2 Hour 

  • Current Kits could be purchased with a lesson - £8 each or 2 for £15 and others available