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  • The classes must be paid for when booking to guarantee your place - at least month before the start of the class and sometime more if start date is before a holiday, (please contact if need). They can be paid for by bank transfer and I will send you an email/message as a receipt.

  • Money is generally non-refundable unless cancelled by Ritschelsewingworkshops children could have kits or opportunity to attend the sessions online/ Adults again online or may be able to offer advice on instructions on WhatsApp etc. However see info re COVID.

  • If Ritschel Sewing Workshops have to be cancelled/postponed I would either offer you online classes, plan another class and agree on time scale of taking these if spaces available (taking off admin charge £5).

  • There are machines available to use here, but you are welcome to bring your own if it is in full working order. Learners are responsible for any damage to themselves or others whilst using their own machine. There is a surge extension lead available for use with computerised machines.

  • There is some general sewing equipment available to use. However if attending several sessions it would be useful to have your own equipment, such as fabric scissors and paper scissors, needle, pins, quick un picks, tape measure, tailors chalk or invisible fabric marker. More info in the first sessions. These are cleaned or separated after use.

  • Most courses require learners to bring along their own materials and notions (extras such as threads/buttons/zips/elastic etc) to make their chosen item. Bring your own garment pattern or you can get some dotted paper and make your own patterns for items such as bags/cushions etc. Direction can be given before the course and some resources/threads etc can be purchased through me.

  • Ritschel Sewing Workshops is not responsible for loss or damage to property belonging to other learners.

  • Learners must respect others and behave in a sensible manner whilst attending the courses.

  • Learners including children will be using the iron care must be taken.

  • I will always ask permission to reproduce photographs on this website or other advertising.

  • Doors usually open 15 mins (5 minutes before due to extra cleaning re Covid) before the start of a class to allow to set up.

  • Prev covid info left in to read as before if unwell please don't attend - As the guidelines on the Coronavirus outbreak change rapidly if people attending courses could please check the government guidelines before attending a session. At present they recommend to self isolate for 7-10 days if show signs of a high temperature or have a new, continuous dry cough. And as always there is a sink/soap etc available for regular hand washing. I want also to let you all know that I am using anti bac wipes on the sewing machines and surfaces as well as additional disinfecting and cleaning to help provide a little extra protection against the spread of germs. Check Full covid info before attending sessions as changes frequently - this will be updated before sessions start again in person and will send further info. I am currently doing online lessons and offering kits. Take care and contact if any questions. 2023. If unwell please do not attend - or if been asked to self isolate from Gov guidance. New Covid testing kits now available through the Government so able to use these weekly. 

This site is owned and operated by Ritschel Sewing Workshops and has endeavoured to ensure that all information on this site is correct though we don't accept any liability for any statement, inaccuracy or omission on this site. The terms and conditions may be modified at any time and learners made aware of this and learners are responsible for reviewing these.

All information collected by Ritschel Sewing Workshops is stored and handled in accordance with the data protection acts 1984 and 1998 and has been 24th May 2018 in compliance with GDPR.

Learners are deemed to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions before they start the course.

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